Sector Agricultural


Polivouga® Mulch Film is a LDPE film made from a co-extrusion process which gives it high mechanical resistance and a high solar light barrier, aimed at covering soil and protecting fruit and vegetable crops.

BIO-Mulch Film Polivouga® offers solutions with biodegradable raw materials.

O Mulch Film Polivouga® can be supplied with the following colours and features: Black - for covering soil in order to prevent the growth of weeds and to keep moisture in.

Two-color - apart from the features described for the black Polivouga® Mulch Film, this product also has a white / grey side which provides greater heating of the exposed surface and contributes to repelling insects.

TransparenteFor coverings that require a lot of exposure to the sun.

Microperforated and / or Macroperforted - Ideal for various types of crops, such as lettuce, tomato or melon.